Mashhood Rastgar

Mashhood Rastgar

Hello, I’m Mashhood. I’m a software engineer and a community leader.

Currently Im working as the CTO at

Previously I was the founder at Recurship.

I am also a Google Developer Expert for Web and Angular.

You can contact me on:

Podcast: Karachi Wala Developer all episodes

  • Understanding a Startups Technical Due Diligence...

    Technical Due Diligence (DD) for startups is not something we think about until the time really comes in. When we get the list of questions or get asked those dreaded questions that we always knew would come to haunt us. In this episode I share about what is the process and what to expect from this, so that one can be better prepared when this happens.

  • Are you a T-Shaped Developer?

    T-Shaped developers are those interested in learning across a breadth of technologies ranging from frontend to backend to devops. In this episode we try to understand why would we want to diversify vs specialise and is there a better option between the two?

  • Thinking about Engineering Analytics

    Do you feel your team is very sluggish and not moving fast enough? Do you feel there are constant blockers which are stopping the features to get shipped? In this episode I dive into the world of engineering performance and what are some thing of the useful things you can measure, and which ones are not meant to be measured at all.