Mashhood Rastgar

Mashhood Rastgar

Hello, I’m Mashhood. I’m a software engineer and a community leader.

Currently Im working as the CTO at

Previously I was the founder at Recurship.

I am also a Google Developer Expert for Web and Angular.

You can contact me on:

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  • Understanding how ESOPs or Share Options work

    You might have been reading about one of the dozen multi-million dollar investments made into startup recently. And you might be wondering how do I get a piece of that action. Most companies now offer their shares to employees through whats called an ESOP. This allows you to accrue value over time and if the company wins big - so do you! This and more in this episode.

  • Demystifying PCI DSS - Do I need it?

    PCI DSS is a security standard certification which a company requires if they have card payment integrations on their websites. However its one of those topics which sounds scary, not talked about enough and is very specific to each company. So understanding even if it is a requirement for your company becomes a pain. In this episode I share my experience going through the certification with Sastaticket and what I learnt during that.

  • How do I write faster code?

    In order to write faster code you need to understand (or profile) your current code and visually or numerically breakdown the pieces which need improvement. How do you do this? We use code profilers! In this episode we dive into the world of tweaking code performance and getting the most out of the hardware its running on.